7 apps for a fun and safe Halloween

If you’re looking for some high-tech Halloween help, look no further than your smartphone or tablet. It is true: of history books To Games To security tools, these apps provide all the tools you need to make sure kids have a safe and fun Halloween night.

It’s the big pumpkin, Charlie Brown

Loud crow

If you are a fan of this classic Charlie Brown Halloween tale, you might want to pick up this interactive storybook (rated for ages 4 and up) for kids. It’s the Big Pumpkin, Charlie Brown features storytelling from Peter Robbins, the original voice of Charlie Brown, plus tons of Halloween games ranging from pumpkin carving to virtual treats.

Price: $ 5.99 to itunes, $ 1.99 at google play

Haunted House 3D Pop-Up Activity Book

haunted house

History Toys Entertainment

If Charlie Brown isn’t a hit with your family, this interactive activity book (rated for ages 4 and up) has a more general Halloween fare.

In Haunted House 3D Pop-Up Activity Book, meet the monsters that inhabit this haunted house, help decorate for Halloween, and play interactive games with sound and storytelling.

Price: 99 cents to itunes Where google play

StoryBots Halloween


JibJab Media

If you – or your kids – like to star in their own videos, then you’ll want to search (rated for ages 4 and up). The app allows your kid to play the casting agent to create a Halloween themed video featuring their family and friends.

Add family photos and watch the family take on the roles of vampire, ghost, werewolf, mummy and Frankenstein monster while dancing with the characters from StoryBots!

Price: Free at itunes, or create your video on the Web

Halloween Soundlab / Halloween Party Soundboard


Rich olson

Whether you are using an iPhone or an Android phone, one of these apps has you covered in spooky sounds for your very own Halloween haunted house.

Halloween Soundlab lets you loop and combine different spooky sound effects, while Halloween Party Soundboard lets you play different effects on a delay to scare your friends. Halloween Soundlab is a little more spooky (rated for ages 12 and up), and Halloween Party Soundboard is a little more fun (rated for everyone).

Halloween Sound Lab Prize: 99 cents to itunes
Halloween Party soundboard Free at google play or premium version at $ 1.40 (without ads) at google play

The Vamp


High tension

For vampire fun, you can’t beat the charming Le Vamp (rated for ages 9 and up). In this game you will help the adorable French vampire Le Vamp navigate through the forest, avoiding sunlight, garlic and other vampire hostile dangers to return home to his crypt.

Price: 99 cents to itunes Where google play

Plants vs Zombies 2

Plants vs Zombies 2

Electronic arts

It’s the season… for the zombies! In this sequel (rated for ages 9 and up), you’ll travel back in time to meet – and defeat – zombies in the ancient Egypt, the Wild West, and the high seas. As usual, you’ll fight the undead with your own army of plants – hey, they’re more powerful than you think.

Price: Free at itunes Where google play

Mom bear

mom bear


This virtual sitter lets you keep tabs on tweens or teens hanging out with friends on Halloween.

Just install Mom bear on your child’s iPhone or Android phone – and yours – and you’ll be able to easily see where they are and who they are with. You can even receive alerts on your phone when they arrive or leave specified locations.

Price: Free at itunes Where google play

Hope one of these scary – or not so scary – apps will help make your Halloween even more fun!

This article was written by Elizabeth Harper and originally appeared on Techlicious

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