A new “PS5 online game” is being developed at PlayStation London Studio

PlayStation London Studio, the developer-owner of titles like SingStar and Blood and Truth, has announced that it’s forming a team to work on a new online game for PlayStation 5.

In a tweet posted by its official account, the studio said it was “building a team from the ground up for an upcoming PlayStation 5 online game”, adding that “new players will be joining at the perfect time to get involved in the game.” developing our plans for a project that we are exceptionally excited about.

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The roles PlayStation London Studio are currently recruiting for are wide-ranging and cover production, art, design, quality assurance and technology departments. There are also quite a few “senior” and “lead” roles in the mix, including a Lead Level Designer and a Senior Gameplay AI Programmer, which suggests the project is still in its early stages.

Another clear sign that the project is still in its early stages is that there is no mention of a title or release date. Still, it looks like it’ll be worth keeping a close eye on PlayStation London Studio to see what the future might hold for online gaming on the PlayStation platform.

Analysis: what could it be?

The real question, of course, is: what exactly is PlayStation London Studio working on? Well, reading his tweet and browsing through some of the job postings on his site doesn’t really yield much solid information, but there is some interesting information.

The listing for a senior level designer, for example, identifies “experience designing maps for co-op play (local or online)” as a plus. The lead technical artist, meanwhile, will work with a “revolutionary proprietary engine” in a role that “offers a unique opportunity to use your creative and technical skills to truly define a next-gen experience and allow us to push the boundaries. of possibility.” Whoever fills the position of Live Ops System Designer will be responsible for “designing a metagame that encourages sustained, long-term engagement with our audience and forming a monetization and economy design that provides players with real value for what they choose to spend with us.”

It’s not much to go on, really. When it comes to PlayStation London’s history, however, it’s a studio that’s previously erred on the side of innovation, with ties to some of PlayStation’s emerging peripheral technologies. This is the studio that has worked on titles like SingStar and EyeToy. More recently, he has focused on titles for PlayStationVR such as the PSVR launch title, VR Worlds, as well as Blood and Truth.

Given that these listings don’t mention VR at all, it seems unlikely that everything the studio is working on will be for the next PSVR 2, but we won’t know for sure until more solid details are available. confirmed.

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