Acoustic Engineering Services – Arup

Pilot planning success

SoundLab helps us give developers and stakeholders a more accurate understanding of environmental noise impacts for planned developments. This knowledge, combined with our experience in dealing with noise and vibration issues, helps us resolve potential roadblocks at the planning stage, gain acceptance and obtain consents.

We contribute heavily to environmental impact assessments, from large-scale projects such as High Speed ​​1 to renewable energy developments including wind farms in Wales. By partnering with our environmental design specialists, we sensitively minimize the potential impact of development on communities.

Positive environments

Room acoustics help create pleasant and productive environments in schools, workplaces, homes and hotels. Arup excels in these environments. We’re also taking room acoustics a step further with specialist applications, such as our acoustic strategies to ensure doctor-patient confidentiality for the Yale University Health Services Center.

At Arup, we are strongly equipped to meet the emerging acoustic challenges of sustainable building design. Arup’s acoustically optimized air vents allow natural ventilation in buildings without unwanted street or background noise. We were even able to bring broadcast quality acoustics in naturally ventilated studios for BSkyB’s Harlequin 1.

We also work closely with building services engineers in noise-sensitive environments such as the Lewis Gluckman Gallery to minimize noise intrusion from alternative heating and cooling technologies.

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