Audio editor by Living Memory Software


A fast, modern and efficient audio editor for the iPad touchscreen with plenty of features to quickly manipulate audio clips and samples, taking full advantage of the latest iOS advancements.

Extremely easy import and export directly to and from any location in the file environment.
• Import and export to and from many file formats.
• Macro-based multi-file batch format and rate conversion directly from the file browser.
• Multi-layered editing modes based on a single file and region with mixable carry over to new layers.
• Special views for creating crossfade loops and transient slicing with exporting MIDI files.
• Spectrum views to visualize pitch and frequency.
• Time stretch
• Unlimited timeline markers.
• Complete cancellation in several steps + fast and efficient locate, scroll and zoom.
• Customizable toolbar and transport bar (choose the editing functions you want to see available on the buttons).
• Connect to Mac or PC via SMB File Sharing and edit files on external hard drives using browser.
• Simple recording function with support for hardware inputs of connected audio interfaces.
• Light and dark color themes.

* Auditor is under development, please refer to the manual (downloadable from our website) to get an idea of ​​all current features prior to purchase.


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