Biden inauguration ceremony rehearsal postponed by a day due to security concerns

By Priscilla Alvarez, CNN

(CNN) – The rehearsal for the dedication ceremony will be delayed by one day due to heightened security concerns, Acting Assistant Secretary for Homeland Security Ken Cuccinelli told CNN Friday morning.

“It’s going to take place on Monday, that’s the current schedule. The Secret Service is responsible for managing that schedule, but it’s done in partnership with the Biden team, and it was their decision to delay by one day,” Cuccinelli told CNN’s John Berman. the “New Day”.

Cuccinelli cited “online chatter” about Sunday, but said there was “no specific credible threat.”

“The decision has been made to delay for a day and leave the Secret Service in a position, as well as the entire Washington metro area team, to be ready to respond that day if necessary,” a- he declared.

Law enforcement officials have warned that domestic extremists are probably more emboldened to carry out attacks on the grand opening, which takes place next Wednesday, and throughout 2021 after seeing the success of last week’s siege on the U.S. Capitol.

“We certainly agree that there is a lot of gossip online. It’s not just Washington, by the way. There are also conversations about state capitals but very little specific. Cuccinelli said, citing a briefing with state and local law enforcement earlier in the week with FBI Director Chris Wray. “It’s that higher level of tension that we’re focusing on.”

Cuccinelli said no decision to increase the country’s terrorist threat level has been made. CNN reported earlier this week that it had been discussed among officials.

In Washington, federal and local authorities are taking extraordinary measures to strengthen security. The national shopping center will be closed to the general public on the day of the inauguration, an official familiar with the discussions told CNN and President-elect Joe Biden will no longer take an Amtrak train to Washington next week as planned.

This story has been updated with additional background information.

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