Bob Dylan Re-Records Songs For T Bone Burnett’s New High Definition Physical Audio Format

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By Andy Malt | Posted on Thursday April 28th, 2022

Bob Dylan has teamed up with T Bone Burnett to re-record a collection of his songs in high-quality audio to launch the latter’s new analog audio format, Ionic Originals.

Yes, you read that right, after decades of innovation in digital music, isn’t it time for a new analog format? Surely if the vinyl revival tells us anything, it’s that music fans want the opportunity to sell all of their vinyl and replace it with something else that looks pretty much like vinyl. But certainly sounds better, according to Burnett.

“It’s archival quality,” he says of the new format. “It’s proof for the future. It’s one of the ones. Not only is an Ionic original the equivalent of a painting, but it is a painting. It is a lacquer painted on an aluminum disc, with a spiral engraved on it by the music. This painting, however, has the added quality of containing this music, which can be heard by putting a stylus in the spiral and spinning it”.

Confused? Well, prepare to have your questions answered. It is “one of one”. Does this mean that there will only be one copy of each version? It “can be heard by placing a stylus in the spiral and rotating it”. Does that mean it will pay off a standard turntable?

The answer is probably no to both, but there’s nothing definitive yet. All we’re told is that these are “newly developed discs that advance the art of recorded sound and mark the first breakthrough in analog sound reproduction in over 70 years”.

As to why the world might want or need it now, Burnett says, “When it comes to describing the quality that elevates analog sound above digital sound, the word ‘warmth’ is often used. Analog sound has more depth, more harmonic complexity, more resonance, better imaging. Analog has more feel, more character, more touch. Digital audio is frozen. Analog sound is alive.”

So, okay, we pretty much know what it is, but not exactly what it is. Similar to those new recordings with Bob Dylan. We know Dylan has “revisited a personally chosen set of his signature songs for the first time in decades.” How many? I do not know. When will they be published? I do not know. Is it an EP, an album or a series of albums? You certainly ask a lot of questions, don’t you?

Here’s what we can be sure of: T Bone Burnett did something. Bob Dylan did a trick with him for the trick. And there will be one or more things that you can enjoy at some point in the very near, relatively near, or distant future.

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