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Not just a sleep tracker, Calm is one of the best-known meditation and relaxation apps out there. It’s won numerous awards over the years, and it’s not hard to see why. It doesn’t matter if you have a preference for narrated guides, background music, stories, soundscapes or breathing exercises. It doesn’t matter if your goal is to unwind, relax, fall asleep easier or improve your concentration. Calm covers all of these topics and approaches, and more.

You are encouraged to use the app on a daily basis and, in the style of a language learning and exercise app, you can track your streaks and keep track of the time you have spent taking care of yourself with Calm.

Price and availability

While there’s a seven-day free trial designed to let you see if Calm is right for you, there’s no free tier for continued use. Once the trial period is over, you will need to start paying or stop using the app.

Priced at $69.99 (about £50 / AU$100) per year, or $399.99 (about £300 / AU$550) for life, Calm is available for iOS and Android.


There are plenty of guided meditations and gently narrated relaxation exercises, ranging in length from a few minutes to an hour or so. You’ll find breathing exercises, relaxing soundscapes, and a wide range of neatly categorized and easy-to-browse audio content collections. In addition to spoken words and instrumental tracks, there are also musical sleep tracks with lyrics to help you fall asleep.

For parents looking to help their children, there’s a decent selection in the Calm Kids section, and there are well-known names here like Peppa Pig to help spark interest. Mood recordings are a good idea, but a bit limited.


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There’s a lot of content to explore in Calm, and it’s great to see how it’s been organized for easy navigation. You can browse curated content, access collections related to sleep, relaxation, relaxation, and more, or you can search for keywords and speakers if you prefer.

In addition to on-demand content, there are also daily notifications that pop up and remind you to take a few moments away from the stresses of the day, focusing on a little quiet time.

Calm is a well-designed app that’s easy to use, for the most part. While accessing audio content is pleasingly simple thanks to the intuitive way it’s presented in the Home and Discover sections, the handy Check-Ins feature is tucked away in your Calm profile.

It’s basically a journaling tool that lets you track your mood and why you feel the way you do. There’s also the positivity-infused Gratitude Check-in that encourages you to notice and record the things you’re grateful for on a daily basis. Also here you will find Daily Calm Reflections – a simple journaling tool where you are free to reflect on your mood, health, sleep and attitude to life.

While it’s great that there’s a seven-day trial that gives you access to everything, it’s really not long enough to fully explore what Calm has to offer and give you a good chance to assess whether the subscription fee represents good value for you or not. You can, of course, get a general idea of ​​whether Calm is the kind of thing you get along with, but the real benefits really only come much further when you had to pay anyway.

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