Cardo Systems Opens New R&D Sound Labs Facility in Germany

Cardo Systems continues to push the boundaries of headphone-to-headset communication technology and performance. The Texas-based brand already lavishes its high-end devices with JBL audio systems for crystal-clear sound quality, but Cardo isn’t hanging up its hat on past accomplishments.

Although PackTalk Edge is setting a new benchmark in the communicator market, the company recently opened its new R&D Sound Lab in Straubing, Germany, making Cardo the only competitor in the space with a fully dedicated development facility.

“For many years, Cardo has identified helmet audio and acoustics as one of the key factors in today’s riding experience,” explained Cardo Systems CEO Alon Lumbroso. “In 2018, we were the first to deliver premium sound from JBL, and now, with the addition of the new Cardo Sound Labs, we aim to increase the audio gap even further.”

The 6,458 square foot facility will house sound labs equipped with an anechoic chamber from Cardo, an ETSI (European Telecommunications Standards Institute) room, a rapid prototyping workshop, an automotive NVH (noise and vibration) lab and desks. Cardo will not only continue to improve its acoustic and sound features at the new site, it also plans to refine the speech processing that highlights its motorsports offerings.

Cardo Systems Sound Lab - Team

Cardo has assembled a seasoned team of automotive and consumer audio specialists to develop future technologies in state-of-the-art studios. The team boasts over 150 years of combined experience in sound, physics, electronics and speech processing with over 1550 patents awarded for previous innovations at Samsung, Nokia, NXP, Harman and DSPG.

“With so much experience in the world of automotive and consumer audio, the new team in Straubing Germany represents an incredible leap forward in our ability to develop our next generation of products,” added Lior Mordechai. , Vice President of R&D at Cardo Systems. “We aim to continue to disrupt our markets with ever more advanced sound and acoustic solutions to improve the riding experience, safety and health of our global group of cyclists.”

From Dynamic Mesh technology to Natural Voice Operation to over-the-air updates, Cardo continues to improve on its winning formula, and Straubing’s new facility should only help the brand bring more innovation to the segment of communicators.

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