Elementary school teacher in Alaska — Money Diary

Occupation: Primary school teacher
Industry: Education
Age: 28
Location: Alaskan bush
Salary: $60,000
Net value : -$18,000 ($5,000 in an emergency fund, $15,000 between IRAs, Roth IRAs and other investment accounts + $2,000 in my 401(k) at a job I recently started – debt)
Debt: $40,000 in student loans left over from master’s (my bachelor’s is paid off)
Paycheck amount (1x/month): $3,506
Pronouns: She she

Monthly expenses
To rent: $471, but this amount is taken before tax because I live in a village of about 300 people and there is not enough housing, so my school district provides housing for teachers; utilities are included and I share a two bedroom house with a roommate.
Loans ~$1,300 (varies a bit from month to month, but the minimum is only around $300-$400)
Savings: ~$1,400 (I max out my Roth IRA, put a few hundred in my emergency and rainy day funds, and have multiple sinking funds (travel, gifts, major clothing purchases, and future studies))
Call: $75
Disney+: $4.99 (It’s the only streaming service that works at school, so that’s what I use with my students. I share Netflix and Spotify with friends and they’re paying at the moment.)
Hmm: ~$25 for vitamins (Hair Sweet Hair and Here Comes the Sun)
Full circle product: $150 (I use the prepay option for a product delivery service where I pay $300 and they give me $315 in credits and we usually go through it in a month because there aren’t many ways to ‘get a variety of fresh produce here; I split this with my roommate, H.)
Medical evacuation insurance: $49/year
Health insurance: 100% paid by my employer

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