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Visitors to Oxford Street can enjoy the TURN museum, a multi-sensory project that crosses the worlds of art and science in an exploration of theories of illusions.

TURNstand up for My way of seeing things harnesses technology and art in an educational setting that aims to develop an understanding of the unknown world of the subconscious through immersive experiences.

The idea was developed with experts from the worlds of art, psychology and neuroscience, including the architects of Bureau de Change who helped create a bold and playful design that combines bright color with geometry.

Its pedagogical aspect, put forward by the founder Yorgo Philippines, was largely based on the theoretical knowledge of Professor Fiona Macpherson.

His research focuses on the nature of conscious states, hallucinations and imagination.

Upon entering the main exhibition area, visitors will be transported to different realms of illusion where they can both experience illusion and come to terms with the processes of reality.

The museum will have entire halls devoted to large-scale illusions, including that of Adelbert Ames Jr. Ames Room which reproduces the effects of shrinkage and colorless living room where visitors can discover a simple world.

For an enhanced experience, The sound lab releases the sensory powers of the ears and in the Kaleidoscope room, visitors can enter an ever-changing dimension that reflects and reacts to their presence.

The museum opened in Oxford Street on November 16.

Photo: TWIST Museum Photo: Dan Weill

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