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Angelo Edalo Marinelli, or the artist better known as “Edalo,” now calls Buffalo his home port after commuting between Los Angeles and Queen City in recent years. “My heart is in Buffalo,” Edalo said.

Now that Edalo is at home, he’s looking to share his success with other local artists by creating a community-friendly, artist-friendly sound studio. Driven by his enthusiasm and his artistic talent, strong of his youthful energy, he launched the Hertel Sound Lab, on Buffalo’s Northside.

“It is the only such studio in this part of town and was built by Johnny Gennuso,” continues Edalo. “My goal is to help all the musicians I can. Help them move their projects out of their garage or basement and into a studio where they can produce a high quality original album.

Hertel Sound Lab is located in Jacob’s House (along with Man Cave Outfitters), a unique shopping experience on Hertel Avenue. “Edalo is an accomplished professional,” remarked Rich Jacob, owner of House of Jacob (standing with Edalo in the main image). “His remarkable musical talents, experience and passion for excellence will drive Hertel Sound Lab’s success. It’s so great to have her in the house.

After years of feeling ripped off by high-priced sound engineering services and being treated like a number in sound studios across the country, Edalo made his own. Hertel Sound Lab is also wallet-friendly – it’s a place artists can launch their professional careers, without the heavy burden of paying high fees for recording time. “The music industry is extremely competitive, I want to help even the playing field,” Edalo said.

“Angelo has created music with his heart all his life,” said Vincent Lotempio Esq. “I watched him grow from a kid who fell in love with the drums to an accomplished musician. As a copyright lawyer, I have had the pleasure of listening to him grow as a musician, and it is an honor to help him protect his intellectual property by registering his music with US Copyright. Office.


Hertel Avenue is a rapidly evolving area of ​​the city’s Northside and is recognized for being home to a wide range of entertainment and entertainment options, especially dining choices. Edalo is excited to bring a new option to the neighborhood that nourishes the souls of musicians striving to advance their careers and encourages audience building and achievement of performance goals. Part of Edalo’s support and mentorship to artists involves introducing musicians using the Castle Music sound lab and Sensu Music, the independent music labels he works with.

“Edalo is pure tenacity and enthusiasm. I haven’t seen a lot of people working this hard to develop behind the scenes, ”noted Gabe Bialkowski, President of Sensu Music. most independent musicians, to develop local brands outside of their own cities. If it wasn’t for seeing Edalo’s own musical growth, I don’t know if I would have the passion to help find and develop talents hidden in our world.

“Angelo is the best manager,” said recording artist Quincy Wilbon aka Vvibez. “I appreciate his consistency and friendship – he’s always been there for me more than a normal manager, more than I could ask for. Before working with him, I had a bunch of songs that sounded bad. I work with him, my music has taken to a whole new level, my confidence in my own abilities has increased, as well as the skills that I have acquired.

Edalo recently dazzled audiences at both Rock Autism music festivals (2018/2019) with his unique blend of sonic electronics and traditional instruments. It demonstrates what can be accomplished when an artist can devote time to developing their art. “We are happy to have Edalo on the Rock Autism team for music festivals,” said Max Muscato, president and founder of Rock Autism.

Edalo’s appetite for helping Buffalo musicians is booming. Due to his performing successes, coupled with his growing inclusive approach to a growing list of music streaming options, he is gaining a new place in the entertainment industry. Going forward, he’s ready to work in the city he loves, alongside the community he grew up in, to develop a one-stop-shop for any sound studio musician’s needs.

Edalo will perform his new album “Drifftin” with Miosi and Mr. Fink on Thursday, November 21, 2019 at 6 pm at Mohawk Place, 47 East Mohawk Street. For more information, send a mail to: [email protected] Also follow on Facebook.

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