Lina Andonovska, Public Privacy @ Music Current 2021

This program contains depictions of violence and drug use.

Curiosity, fearlessness and versatility carry Lina Andonovska’s art all over the world. Andonovska is a rare breed in the world of the flute; a name you’ll discover on both the pages of Rolling Stone and the Australian Chamber Orchestra’s roster, she has not only cultivated partnerships with leading composers such as Louis Andriessen, Donnacha Dennehy and flautist Claire Chase , but also deep community ties from Timor Leste to the Wonder Site incubator in Tokyo.

In this program, Lina presents some of the most inspiring and provocative voices in contemporary music, including Irish premieres of works by Sarah Nemtsov and Brigitta Muntendorf, herself one of Music Current’s guest composers and coordinator of the collaborative composition workshop (see Musique Concert Soloists Actuels). With works by Paul Méfano and Bekah Simms and Nicole Lizée’s “Tarantino Studies”, Lina presents a varied program that uses technology as a central element, not as a gadget, but to question the role of technology and media and their roles in music, musical material and our relationship with media and technology.

Nicole Lizée, “Tarantino Etudes” (22 ‘) Brigitta Muntendorf, “Public Privacy # 1” (Flute cover) (5’)
Sarah Nemtsov, “amplified imaginary” (10 ‘) Paul Méfano, “Traits suspendus” (6’)
Bekah Simms, “Skinscape” (5 ‘)

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Dublin Sound Lab presents
BLOUSE ALLEY THEATER :: November 8-11, 2021 ::

MUSIC RUNNING is back! The annual Dublin New Music Festival returns with six concerts over four days featuring the best of new contemporary Irish and international electronic music, Smock Alley Theater, from November 8-11, 2021. MUSIC RUNNING, now in its fifth year, offers a platform for the most recent contemporary electronic music. This year’s festival has a decidedly multimedia flavor, with: interactive web performances, video performances, computer sheet music tracking, private YouTube performances carried to the concert hall, guns, shovels and even buckets of sand.

Monday November 8, 8 p.m. – Zubin Kanga, Piano Wiki
Tuesday November 9, 7 p.m. – Current Music Soloists, Currents
Tuesday November 9, 8 p.m. – Darragh morgan, Anthems
Wednesday November 10, 8 p.m. – Bastard missions, Execution
Thursday November 11, 6 p.m. – Lina Andonovska, Public confidentiality
Friday November 11, 8 p.m. – Richard craig, Valley
Tickets for each concert are 15/10 €. Book tickets here.

Festival opens with first Irish concert by Australian pianist and new music adventurer Zubin Kanga, which is performing in Dublin for the first time. Champion of collaboration and new music commissions, Zubin performs a very personal program composed entirely of works he has personally commissioned for piano and electronics, with: the Irish premiere of the work of Alexander Schubert WIKIPIANO.REPORT, in which members of the public can add or modify the score; that of Michael Finnissy and Adam of the Court, the new “Hammerklavier (Part 2)” inspired by Beethoven; the world premiere of Nicole Lizée’s revised “Scorsese Studies”; as well as new works for piano and electronics by Scott McLaughlin and Fergal Dowling

Every year MUSIC RUNNING invites composers from all over the world to develop new works for the festival. This year, seven Irish composers were invited to collaborate with five Irish soloists to prepare a concert of entirely new works based on their one-year collaboration. The resultant Music Current Soloists Concert is a stimulating mix of intimate, imaginative, thought-provoking and playful new works by established composers and the next generation: Seán O’Dálaigh, Elis Czerniak, Jane Deasy, Gráinne Mulvey, Darragh Kelly, Paul Scully, Neil O’Connor, with works performed by Paul Roe, Marja Gaynor, Ilse de Ziah, Joe O’Farrell and Darragh Morgan.

This concert is normally associated with new works developed within the festival, rather than in advance, with one of the participating composers being offered a commission for the following year’s festival. This year the commission award will be open for online submissions and the announcement will be made at this event.

This program is part of a double concert which also presents “classic” works from the repertoire. Darragh morgan, one of the most renowned performers of contemporary music, will give the Irish concert premiere of Pierre Boulez’s “Anthèmes 2”, a flagship work for solo violin and electronic, in which the computer literally “follows” the performance of Darragh in real time and provides live accompaniment. Boulez’s masterpiece is paired with Frank Lyon’s recent commission “Spin 2”, commissioned by Darragh Morgan, the work follows a similar development to Anthemes 2, having undergone revisions and the addition of a part electronic.

The festival sees the Irish debuts of renowned London-based iconoclasts, Bastard missions, who bring their unique brand of collaborative composition and ensemble performance to Dublin in a program of four recent works. This concert is a true multimedia performance that defies the limits of what is considered music – it is a spectacle that can only be experienced live.

The festival ends with a double concert of Irish and international works for flute and electronics. australian flautist, Lina Andonovska offers an exclusive program of Irish premieres featuring some of the most performed international composers of the current generation, including: “Public Privacy # 1 (flute cover)” by Brigitta Muntendorf, a study on the schizophrenic relationship between YouTuber soloists at home and their very public performances; David Fennessy’s new work, “Bridge”; and the Irish premieres of “Études Tarantino” by Nicole Lizée, inspired by cinema.

Renowned Scottish flutist and champion of new music, Richard craig, closes the festival with a program of recent works built around Richard Barrett’s “Vale”, a hypnotic study for amplified flute. Richard will also premiere the intimate and intriguing piece by Seán O’Dálaigh “Paysage II»For flute; a work that Seán wrote especially for Richard in response to the Music Current 2019 commission.

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