Mobile Fidelity shares a statement on the company’s mastering process

Editor’s note: Jim Davis, president of Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab, released an official statement on the company’s mastering process yesterday, following a recent flurry of customer concern about the possibility of digital steps in said mastering process. We include his statement here verbatim and invite your comments below. —MM

At Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab, we are aware of customer complaints regarding the use of digital technology in our mastering chain. We apologize for using vague language, allowing false stories to spread, and for taking for granted the goodwill and trust our customers place in the Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab brand.

We recognize that our conduct has caused both anger and confusion in the marketplace. Going forward, we are adopting a policy of 100% transparency regarding the provenance of our audio products. We are working immediately to update our websites, future printed materials and packaging, as well as providing these details to our sales and customer service representatives. We will also provide clear and specific definitions with respect to the Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab marketing brand, such as Original Master Recording (OMR) and UltraDisc One-Step (UD1S). We will populate source information on previous releases so that Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab customers can feel as confident in owning their products as we are in making them.

We thank you for your past support and hope you will allow us to continue to provide you with the best records possible – a goal we have achieved and continue to pursue with pride.

Jim Davis

President, Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab

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