MoFi Electronics ditches the big: They have speakers coming from Andrew Jones

There’s no doubt that the high-end audio industry is full of talented designers and engineers, but very few have the recognition of the Andrew Jones brand; it also helps that he has always been very approachable over the years and is exceptionally kind when looking for answers.

When Andrew Jones abruptly left ELAC on July 18, 2021, there was much speculation about where the famed loudspeaker designer was headed. Well, we now know that he secretly works for MoFi Electronics and already has a new speaker in the works in a few months.

MoFi Electronics, sister company to audiophile label Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab (MoFi), has officially announced that it has hired renowned loudspeaker designer Andrew Jones. Mr. Jones is one of the most recognized and respected names in the audio industry. He is credited with designing many commercially and critically successful loudspeaker designs – including decades of experience with KEF, Infinity, Pioneer, TAD and most recently ELAC.

As Chief Loudspeaker Designer of MoFi, Jones leads the mission to create new speakers that honor the company’s studio heritage and mission to deliver the Original Master Recording™ experience.

“I’m really excited to join MoFi Electronics,” says Jones. “MoFi culture is uncompromising. Not only does the company have a clear vision of where it is headed, but it also has a rich history to draw from. The team wants to deliver products that make people say, “Wow, I’ve never heard that before. This mindset gives me the time and resources to create the kind of products that will resonate with the brand’s loyal fans. We’re working on new loudspeaker concepts that are very different from other designs I’ve done, while maintaining the core principles I’m known for.

MoFi Electronics President John Schaffer said the addition of Jones meets one of the company’s long-standing goals: to provide a complete MoFi system. “Andrew Jones’ background and deep-rooted knowledge make him a natural fit for our team as we take the next step in the reading chain. The opportunity to bring in a designer of Andrew’s caliber is incredible and reflects our desire to do things at a very high level, which always starts with hiring the right people for the job.

MoFi Electronics will release more information about its new speakers at a dedicated launch event later this year.

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