Montreal jazz composer Francis Nicolas releases ‘Don’t Feel So Sad’

In an age when the magic medicine of music is working overtime to soothe troubled souls, beautiful songs are a prescription to be taken orally whenever needed, and Canadian jazz-pop artist and composer Francis Nicolas has your next. delicious dose with its new release, “Don’t Feel So Sad” – available now.

In “Don’t Feel So Sad,” the Montreal musician’s piano and trumpet melodies float to a pulsating rhythm, gently punctuated by ethereal female voices that elevate the song in a dreamy landscape filled with everything but sadness. If listening to “Don’t Feel So Sad” immerses you in a cinematic and joyful experience, then that is exactly what the young composer intended.

“I really like films,” explains Nicolas. “The atmosphere created by the director and supported by the music … All you need is a scene, a moment when you no longer have the impression of being a spectator, but a character in movement. “

“Don’t Feel So Sad” opens a window into Nicolas’ personal sound laboratory, where the multi-talented musician has composed, arranged and produced the piece all by himself, both out of desire and necessity.

“When I created my song, it was a time when you couldn’t do much because of the pandemic,” he recalls. “So I created my own script.”

Nicolas has incorporated vocals in his compositions before, but “Don’t Feel So Sad” marks the first time he has featured a singer in any of his songs, and this singer is the sought-after Montreal studio singer, Ilea. As Ilea dreamily implores the listener not to feel sad, she also reminds us that we are not alone. It is a simple and universal message of the power of community and the strength of our hearts when they come together.

“Don’t feel so sad.
I share my heart with you. “

Nicolas has already shared his considerable talents with us two previous singles which have revealed his unique identity as a jazz trumpeter; “Gibbous Moon” and “Blue Light” were released in 2020 and earlier in 2021, respectively. “Don’t Feel So Sad” adds a new facet to the evolution of this exciting young composer.


Born and raised in Montreal, Nicolas first discovered his passion for music playing the family piano as a child. While participating in the primary school harmony, he encountered the trumpet and it was love at first sight. It was then that a great adventure began that saw him grow up in several big bands, jazz combos and pop groups in Montreal and its surroundings. In July 2019, he participated in the 40th edition of the Montreal Jazz Festival with the “ Ensemble Jazz de Montréal ”.

Francis Nicolas’ third solo and single composition, “Don’t Feel So Sad”, is available now.

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