New Fidelity Record Pressing Vinyl Plant Opens in California – News

A new vinyl pressing plant opens in Southern California to meet growing demand for vinyl records.

The new Fidelity Record Pressing aims to be the nation’s “first vinyl production facility”, Billboard reports.

California-based Mobile reissue label Fidelity Sound Lab (MoFi) is behind the new pressing plant, alongside Music Direct’s Jim Davis.

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Both parties collaborated with vinyl engineers Rick and Edward Hashimoto – a father and son team that has over six decades of vinyl pressing experience.

Jim Davis of Music Direct said Billboard“The biggest opportunity is increasing the capacity of our sister label, Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab.

“It’s frustrating to see demand far exceed our ability to deliver records to our customers… The increased capacity will allow us to release records that aren’t just the classic rock and jazz we’re known for. “

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The new plant will have eight presses from Record Pressing Machines of Nashville and the team behind the project says it is strictly focused on “quality – not quantity”. Fidelity aims to press 2 million records per year, “up to 12 million LPs per year depending on the size of [its] installation,” says Davis.

As the vinyl production backlog grows, the opening of new pressing plants should ease the stress on those who are already suffering, like the independent music industry which has been hit hard by severe delays.

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