PUBG: Battlegrounds Update 16.2 New Objective / Sound Lab and Fifth Anniversary Decorations

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is a free-to-play battle royale game where players have only one goal: to be the last man standing. This update contains tons of new content and bug fixes to make the game more refreshing.

Training Mode: Goal/Sound Lab

Everyone knows how important it is to practice aiming. But sound is also an important factor that helps gamers kill. The developers have introduced a new shooting area where players can practice both aiming and hearing.

Players can now enter Training Mode and access the Aim/Sound Lab after completing Basic Training. This change encourages players to practice more before heading into matches.

fifth anniversary

PUBG: Battlegrounds is almost five years old and to celebrate it, the developers have put decorations on Erangel and Taego in normal matches. These are just the tip of the iceberg as there are massive plans to come in the future.

PUBG: Battlegrounds Update 16.2

User Interface/User Experience

  • The current Hideout and Store tab icons have confused some of our players, so they have been changed to provide a clearer message.

  • Regions with map selection can now find lore-related intros added to each map in the map selection page.

  • (Console) The general design of the hold key icons has been updated.


  • New compression technology has been implemented on each platform to reduce game size and improve decompression speed.

  • Frame rates should be improved with optimizations for render-heavy situations such as navigating cities.

Bug fixes


  • Fixed awkward character movement in Replay mode when a player jumps off a motorcycle.

  • Fixed the issue where the drone inventory was missing an item after using the drone to pick up an item.

  • Fixed invisible drone issue when deploying a drone while using an emote.

  • Fixed the Mk12’s annoying tripod issue when using the weapon while prone.

  • Fixed the player drone stabbing icon even after the drone is destroyed.


  • Fixed the issue of rocks disappearing when entering ADS mode at a certain location in Karakin.

  • Fixed missing flame effect when throwing a Molotov at destructible surfaces in Karakin.

  • Fixed missing siren sound alerting Karakin’s first black zone.

  • Fixed collisions, textures, performance, and more general issues in Karakin.


  • Removed the image of vehicles from the world map in practice mode.

  • Fixed the appearance of pans in the career tab for different level poses after equipping certain gear skins.

  • Fixed the issue of being able to lock weapon parts that cannot be disassembled in the Customize tab.

Items and skins

  • Fixed RYAN’s Slippers invisible issue when equipping the item with a Divemaster Suit.

  • Fixed the Blood Hound Jacket clipping issue when using an emote where the character raises their arms.

  • Fixed missing partner logo issue when equipping the WackyJacky101 VSS skin.

You can read more about the update here.

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