PUBG: Learn more about how the Aim/Sound Lab works

A new update went live earlier this week in PUBG: Battlegrounds. One of the new things introduced was Aim/Sound Lab in practice mode. As the name suggests, it’s a way for players to practice aiming and playing sound. Each practice session has a time limit of 1 minute although players can leave the session at any time.

For Aim Practice, the details are:

  • Players choose their weapon through the weapon selection window, interact with the start button, then begin training after a 5 second countdown.

  • Targets in the shape of a human silhouette appear randomly. Targets first start out flat on the ground, then 3-7 random targets appear simultaneously for players to shoot.

  • Once a practice session is complete, the number of headshots and the total number of targets hit are displayed on the screen.

For Sound Practice, the details are:

  • Players start with a basic Deagle and a red dot sight.

  • Various main weapon sounds ranging from 15m to 300m are randomly played on targets.

  • The name of the weapon and the distance of the shot are displayed on the screen.

  • Once the player has shot the correct target, the target falls and then immediately rises.

  • A kill message tells players what type of weapon the shot came from and appears on screen.

  • Players earn 10 points for shooting the correct target, 5 for targets on either side of the correct one, and 0 for the rest.

  • There are different sound effects for each distinct score that can be earned.

  • The identical shot moves between different targets every 5 seconds until the player fires at a target. The total score is displayed on the screen after the training session is finished.

Layout reorganization

In addition to the new training modes, the general layout of the training mode has been revamped. This is to support new features and practice areas released with the update. Changes include:

  • A vehicle display booth displaying the last three added vehicles has been added.

  • An item display booth displaying the last three added items has been added.

  • A vehicle range with targets moving at the same speed as the vehicles has been added.

  • The current warehouse containing guns and attachments has been removed to improve mode performance. Use the handy training wizard to summon weapons and items anytime and anywhere.

  • Dirt bikes now spawn instead of scooters.

  • Due to the Practice Mode revamp, Camp Jackal has been removed from Warmode in Custom Matches.

For those who want to know more about the new update, read more about it here.

PUBG: Battlegrounds is available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Stadia, Android and iOS.

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