PURE WRATH New Track ‘Presages From A Restless Soul’ Premiere (January 17, 2022)

PURE WRATH Presents New Track “Presages From A Restless Soul”
January 17, 2022

Indonesian black metal project Pure Wrath, fronted by multi-instrumentalist Januaryo Hardy, has made the track “Presages From A Restless Soul” available for streaming, accessible below.

“I remember the day I met and talked to an old lady selling handmade bags in the middle of the busiest city in my country,” said Januaryo Hardy. “Very skeptical thoughts and doomed opinions came from her weary lips as she spent the whole day calling people to check on her luggage. Turns out she witnessed her husband being abducted during the dark times I usually talk about on this album. He never came back. She told me that this truth will remain hidden and never be told to new generations, since she had apparently lived her life as “a wife of the enemy of the country”, even though it had not been true. There is no more justice to be found. Since then, she has ceased to be optimistic. It really breaks my heart… I decided to tell this story in this song to make sure that I do the right thing by bringing these events to my generation.

“‘Presages From A Restless Soul’ is the second song I wrote for this album and originally it was meant to be merged with the title track. But in the end I decided to separate them as I didn’t think not that it would be helpful for the dynamics of the album if they were merged into one track. In fact, I struggled to figure out how to arrange the best position for each composition. They sound very different, but the feelings present on each track are the same and form a unit.This song ended up being the third because it offers the listener a bounce from ‘Years Of Silence’ which sounds much more pessimistic and has a sad ending.

Pure Wrath releases third full studio album Hymn to unhappy hearts on February 18, 2022 via Debemur Morti Productions.

“The disc serves as a dedication to a mother and survivor of the 1965 Indonesian genocide whose son was kidnapped, tortured and brutally beheaded,” commented Januaryo Hardy. “For more than fifty years she had to pretend that everything was normal every second of her grief, living in the shadow of the still powerful perpetrators.”

Synth, guitars and bass for Hymn to unhappy hearts were recorded by Januaryo Hardy in April 2021 at Insidious Soundlab, Indonesia, while the drums were recorded by Alexey Nargonykh in May 2021 at H. Art California Studio, Ukraine. Additional guitar elements were recorded by Nick Kushnir in June 2021 at Kushnir’s home studio, Ukraine.

Additionally, piano, cello and additional elements were recorded by Dice Midyanti in May 2021 at the home studio in Midyanti, Indonesia. Finally, the vocals were recorded by Je Aljufri in June 2021 at Apache Studio, Indonesia.

Hymn to unhappy hearts was mixed and mastered in August 2021 by Januaryo Hardy at Insidious Soundlab, Indonesia.

The cover was designed by Aghy Purakusuma.

“Losing loved ones is painful, especially if they died tragically,” said Januaryo Hardy. “For more than fifty years, a mother has had to fight every urge for revenge while being left behind endless questions. Once again, cover artist Aghy Purakusuma perfectly conveys the story in a heartbreaking way, depicting the mother’s years-long struggle living dangerously under the tyrant’s shadow. Standing on her weak legs and going through the rest of the darkest years of her life, leaving all the memories of a home she called “family” to crumble to ashes.

“This album depicts one of hundreds of tragic stories that may have never been told or revealed, with the hope that the recent generation will open their eyes and demand justice.”

The list of tracks is as follows:

01. “The Mantle of Worry”
02. “Years of Silence”
03. “Omens of a Restless Soul”
04. “The Footprints of the Lost Child”
05. “Those Who Stand Still”
06. ‘Hymn to unhappy hearts’

Hymn to unhappy hearts‘ the recording line-up was as follows:

Januaryo Hardy (vocals, guitars, bass and synth)
Yurii Kononov (guest drums, ex-White Ward)
Dice Midyanti (guest piano, cello and additional elements)
Nick Kushnir (additional guest guitar elements on the track ‘Hymn to the Woeful Hearts’)

The track “The Cloak Of Disquiet” can be heard below. “All the songs of Hymn to unhappy hearts were written on acoustic guitar,” shares Januaryo Hardy. “Normally I roughly record all the structured material on my phone before I start the pre-production process. Then I create all of the distorted beats, fills and leads with programmed drum parts. They were really basics though. After all the drafts were done, Yurii composed his own drum lines. I wanted to release this song first, because it has this simple feeling, stable dynamics and feels like it has no end It’s as if the whole album was summed up in one song!

Second studio recording Everlasting Wisdom was released in October 2018 via Pest Productions.

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