Shuffle: artists share “common fruits” at Elyria’s new studio and residence

A group of producers and hip hop artists have opened a recording studio in Elyria which also serves as a residence for up-and-coming musicians.

For this week’s Shuffle, WKSU’s Amanda Rabinowitz chats with Oakland, California producer Lanard McClindon and Cleveland rapper Eliy Orcko, who launched Common Fruit Sound Lab.

McClindon, a bedroom music producer, says Common Fruit Sound Lab has been his dream for years.

Earlier this year, that dream came true when he purchased the old Limelight recording studio in downtown Elyria. He was living in Oakland, California when he found the space for sale on Craigslist. He had family in Northeast Ohio, which made the move ideal.

Common Fruit includes a digital recording studio, vocal recording booth and lounge.

Common Fruit Sound Lab Credit


Common fruit bran laboratory

“More important than anything is the space for musicians to create,” says McClindon.
And this space can be for anyone, whether it’s an aspiring musician who wants to work on a project without distractions or a touring artist who may be passing through and wants a little time. in the studio.

The reservation is managed through Airbnb.

“First when they come in, we sit in the living room and discuss what they want to accomplish,” McClindon says.

I hope we can get artists to connect more and become a real community.

Why Elyria?
“I love this place and I love the small town community,” says McClindon. “I like the aspect of being away from the city and we can take advantage of the community and be surprised by the gifts of talented musicians.”

Unify the community
Cleveland rapper Eliy Orcko teamed up with McClindon and recorded a few tracks in the studio.

He says he thinks the Cleveland music scene has lost its sense of oneness. “I hope we can get artists to connect more, network and become a real community. “

A slow construction
McClindon says traffic has been slow since Common Fruit Sound Lab launched in January. “But I always remember it’s not a race. I like the trip; I love the process.

And, he is convinced that the effort will take off.

“I think as it becomes apparent that the artists we work with and some of the works that are coming out of this place, that will be the driving force behind the community. “

Just below the recording studio is Blank Slate Elyria, an independent concert hall, which has partnered up with Common Fruit for concerts.

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