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Who is Danz Eko:

Danz Eko (born April 21, 1986) originally known as Daniel Kikomeko, Ugandan-American singer, songwriter, Deejay, visual artist.
He was born in Kampala Uganda until moving to Seattle Washington in 2015 where he established his recording and graphic design studio and also director of Sukuma International LLC, a trucking company.

Early life and education

A penultimate of eight siblings attended Namagunga Mixed School and St Joseph’s High School – Namagunga, joined Makerere University in 2006 and graduated with a Bachelor of Industrial and Fine Arts (BIFA) in January 2010.

Musical career

Danz Eko started music from a high school church choir and related entertainment school activities where he was actively involved in singing, dancing and acting. He headed the entertainment department in 2002 and 2004. During his senior high school years, Danz formed an entertainment team called “Palmsta Crew” where he went by the name webzd with his music partner Careman. They released songs like Ambiita, mututte while still in high school which made him popular.
Danz Eko joined Makerere University in 2006 and continued to record songs which brought him fame and became Minister of Entertainment at the School of Industrial and Fine Arts in 2007/2008.

Skilled in production, he taught himself audio and video production and did most of the demo work from his pre-studio recording at his hostel. Worked with Mozart studios and recorded songs like Yoono Omwana, Muzudde, Eccupa, Akagombe, Nkututte, Thermometer (ft Myco Punisher), Dirty and Sirwana.

They (Pal Boys) have worked with producers such as Moses (Mozart) and Allan (D Records) and producer Steve M Pro.

The band took a break from active music due to school and after graduating in 2010 they both devoted their time to their professions where Danz Eko worked as a senior graphic designer at MPK Graphics limited.

Actual status

Daniel Kikomeko is director of Sukuma Entertainment Uganda along with Michael Kikulwe and Dumba Harold
Musically signed as an artist in the band by Danz Eko names. (“ndebelebe”), it is a group with other artists like Cosign Yenze (Mr. Bilibamba) the diva Livon Lioness (the lioness) who joined the group in June 2022.

In 2017, he started a solo career and released songs like Yo Not Lonely, Gimme Love and No Waste Time, Balibayo, Mukidongo, Vibe, Cottage, yegwe – Ft Karole Kasita, Nkuliko, Gamba Yes, Voom, under Sukuma Entertainment and Forever Ft Mary Kim. .

He has a home audio recording studio, videography skills and has collaborated with other great producers like Kyle of Cold Clock Production – Tacoma Washington, Artin Pro, Don at Axtra Nation, Dats on the Beat (Unavoidable), Magga Beats, Pan Kabejja, Brainy Beats and Rottadum Sound Lab, the home of my main songwriter Ink Stained (SK), have worked with other songwriters like Dokita Brain, Baqiyo, Omwana Kats and collaborations with karole Kasita , Michael Kondere, Mary Kim.

He was Minister of Entertainment/Sports at the Faculty of Industrial and Fine Arts, Makerere University, Kampala 2007-2008 as a Student Leader and was Secretary of Entertainment/Sports at the Pacific Northwest Ugandan American Association (PNUAA) which covers Washington State, Idaho and Oregon. 2020-2022 Status for Community Leadership..


Learn more about his daily life by following him on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube, tiktok by Danz Eko or Danz Eko Official.


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