This month, rapper Michael Wavves heads to the Sound Lab to perform “No Pressure” and “Bad” with Sammy Adams Sound Engineer: Nate Merrill Filmed and edited by Jeremy Long,

We’re back with another edition of the Sound Lab, where we’re spotlighting local musicians. This month, a rap teacher we featured previously on the pages of Lebanon Daily News and reteurns, while Lancaster’s Michael Wavves joined us in the studio this month.

Let’s put Wavy with Michael and learn more about him.

Last name: Jordan bleyer

Site: Lancaster / Lebanon

Musical talents: Rap and singing, above all.

Non-music activities: “I’m a grade eight social studies teacher at Lebanon Middle School, which is a unique combo with rap. I like to play sports and go hiking. Teaching is demanding, so it takes most of the time. my time.”

When you started: “I would say 2010 was my first or second year in college. I wrote a bit of poetry in high school, but being surrounded by culture in college made me try music. “

Musical influences: “My favorite artist is a guy named Mike Posner. I’m also a huge fan of Drake, Kanye West, OutKast and Madeon, who is an electronic artist.”

Reason for your name change: “Nothing more than the fact that there was a lot of stuff out there that had JMB (Jordan Michael Bleyer). I wanted to be more accessible to fans or a new audience. If you Google Michael Wavves, I’m the only one thing that Michael is my middle name, and believe it or not, last summer I was doing a random office job and thought Wavves was a nice cool name, and I made it unique with a V extra in there. “

Favorite album: “I would say” 808 and Heartbreaks. “It’s very different from anything back then. It’s important for artists like me who can sing and rap.

Favorite song: “My favorite song is ‘Green Light’ by André 3000 and John Legend.”

Most meaningful song you have ever written: “I’ve had a few songs in the past that were personal. There’s this song I’m working on now called ‘Far From Home’ that I haven’t even finished yet. personal. I listen to it again, even if it is not finished, and it is very moving. “

Claim to fame: “Definitely my first headlining show is a huge moment. I opened for a handful of famous guys, but having a show for yourself is a moment. You know they are there for you and you. argue. “

Favorite song to repeat: “My remix on Drake’s ‘One Dance’ was cool, because we took an acoustic approach.”

Number of albums: “For now, there are only singles. This is the approach. I’m at a point in my career where I’m building a fan base. I don’t have any albums, because I’ve watched a lot of artist interviews and one thing I took away from interviews is that you put out an album for your fans and you put out singles for have fans.

Where can people find your music: “You can Google Michael Wavves,, or on Facebook and Twitter at MichaelWavves.”

Better performance: “We have headlined at Chameleon twice. This last one was in February and that was the biggest for me in terms of progression.”

Favorite performance: “The one from Chameleon in February, definitely.”

Where do you see yourself in five years: “In five years, I can say that I can see myself leading tours and releasing albums that beat the iTunes charts. I see myself a lot more as a live artist where I am based. I race in four cities. this summer to help build a fan base. I hope I have a project or two by then. “

Tips for aspiring musicians: “Stay patient and stay positive. These are huge things. It’s disheartening when you start to make music. You have to get over the bump of people who think it’s a joke. Then you have to gain an audience. In music, I discovered that there are so many ups and downs. If you let that wear out, that’s when people give up. You just need to be a hard worker .

Favorite part of the performance: “Crowd energy. As far as I feed off them and they feed off me. You can only find that on stage. You can’t find it anywhere else.”

What’s the next step for you: “The next single we have coming up is the one with Sammy Adams, which will be released at the end of the month or early July. It’s called “Bad”. There will be more singles all summer and covers all summer. I plan to have a new blanket every two weeks. At the end of June, I have a four-city tour with the Connecticut rapper On Cue in Virginia Beach, Rochester, NY, Stanhope, NJ and Connecticut. I also hope for a late summer show at the Chameleon Club. “

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