Sound Lab produced various sounds, styles in 2016


“Everyone’s favorite band comes from somewhere. That’s why supporting regional music is so important. Welcome to the Sound Lab, where we’ll be featuring a regional artist or band once a month in the Lebanon Daily News .”

That was the introduction we got last year to the Sound Lab’s inaugural artist profile, featuring November Lounge on April 19, 2016. Over the course of 2016, we met many bands – six , to be exact – with different styles of music. The fun will continue in 2017 as more local and regional bands head to the Sound Lab studio to give you, the readers, a taste of who they are.

But before we move on to the next group of artists, let’s catch up with some of the Sound Lab musicians from 2016. We caught up with Dandy, Olivia Farabaugh and DRVR to see what they’ve been up to musically since posting their Sound Lab profiles. Attempts to reach Sheridan Ave, November Lounge and Michael Wavves failed.


Dandy is a Harrisburg-area band consisting of brothers Jordan and Cory Dandy.

Michael Waterloo: What are Dandy’s major projects in 2017?

Jordan Dandy: “The biggest plan for 2017 is to release our EP as much as possible. Although it’s not finished yet, it would be nice to be able to give something to people after a concert. We always get asked if we have music We can finally say ‘Yes!’ to this question.”

MW: Are you excited to hear the reaction to the EP?

J.D.“We’re super excited to hear people’s reaction to the EP. But at the same time, it’s kind of nerve-wracking. We’ve been working on it for so long and are super happy with how it’s going. We appreciate really listening to the songs ourselves, so we hope the feeling is reciprocated with whoever is listening to it. We both never want to create a song that we don’t think will be able to stand on its own.” ..let’s say as a single. we really believe in every song that will be on our EP.”

MW: In 2017, Dandy will be…?

J.D.: “Dandy will record and release more music than the soon to be released EP, play on the radio and be a big name in music.”

Olivia Farabaugh

Since being featured in Sound Lab, Olivia Farabaugh has released her latest EP, “Soakin’ Up Sunshine.”

MW: What has been the reaction to “Soakin’ Up Sunshine” so far?

Olivia Farabaugh: “The reaction to my new EP so far has been great. A lot of people have been really into my shift towards more country sound compared to my last album, ‘Prisoner of War’.

MW: Should Olivia Farabaugh fans expect more new music in 2017?

OF: “I will definitely record more music in 2017. I already have a few songs being written and so many ideas that I can’t wait to develop.”

MW: In 2017, Olivia Farabaugh will be…?

OF: “Keep following his dreams and progressing in the music industry.”


DRVR is made up of Sy Rossi, Jalen Cliatt, Garrett Moore and Ryker Keath.

MW: The last time we spoke, the album was due out in November. Did he do it, and if so, what was the reaction?

DRVR: “The album is still in the works. We really try to release the biggest project possible. We all believe in spending time doing it right rather than rushing for an inferior product. We We’ll be posting updates via our Facebook page regarding the progress of the album.”

MW: Are there any big shows that are exciting you for 2017?

DRVR“When the album comes out, we’ll be hosting a release show. Obviously, the details have yet to be ironed out, but this will be the show we’re most looking forward to.”

MW: In 2017, DRVR will be…?

DRVR: “Opening for Kanye West…we hope.”

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