St. Louis Symphony Orchestra Launches Free Soundlab Educational Series For Children

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  • The four-part series explores the science of sound and our enjoyment of music.

COVID-19 Shot You? Tired of the incessant demands of your horrible locked up children? The Orchester symphonique de Saint-Louis is here to help.

St. Louis’ favorite group of world-class musicians are giving a helping hand to exhausted parents this endless pandemic season with a new educational series called Soundlab, a digital effort that promises to educate your children about the music and science of ring the bell while you take a well-deserved break to scream into a pillow and question every choice in your life.

According to a press release on Wednesday, Soundlab is a four-part series that “empowers children, families and teachers to create music and engage in the science of sound.” (Notably, it also allows parents to walk away long enough to smoke a fucking cigarette in peace for a change.)

“Engaging with young people and inspiring them to discover and embrace the power of music is at the heart of SLSO’s mission,” said SLSO President and CEO Marie-Hélène Bernard in the press release. “This year marks the 100th anniversary of our educational concerts. We are thrilled to honor this milestone and support platforms that inspire children of all ages to develop an appreciation for music throughout their lives.

The series, free to all, will be hosted by St. Louis actor and singer-songwriter Alicia Revé, and will incorporate performances by symphony musicians alongside STEAM-based education (science, technology, engineering). and mathematics).

Each episode will approach music – and the science behind how and why we enjoy it – in different ways. According to the press release, the episodes break down as follows:

-Episode 1: Feel the Sound – Discover the scientific and emotional impact of sound waves.

-Episode 2: Building a Sound Bridge – Find out how sound travels and how it can express a kaleidoscope of emotions.

-Episode 3: Sound Conversations – Watch how music creates dialogue and explore the science behind pitch and volume.

-Episode 4: The Golden Record – Exploring an endless index of unique sounds, encouraging students to explore and create their own soundscapes.

The series was filmed at Powell Hall, SLSO’s long-standing base of operations, as well as several children’s homes. Each episode is fifteen minutes long, with a target audience of children in grades three to eight. The SLSO will host virtual evening events for each episode every Saturday in February at 10:30 a.m., and these evening evening events will include an additional fifteen minutes of interviews with symphonic artists and other guests.

Those interested in the Soundlab series should register on the SLSO website at Attendance at surveillance nights will also require an RSVP due to limited space.

“SLSO SoundLab is a truly innovative and timely addition to our strong library of educational programs and home resources,” says Bernard, “helping to inspire and equip music teachers and parents to manage the next generation of music creators. and music lovers. ”

… and as far as the current generation goes, maybe it will help suppress the roars of some poor parents for a full half hour of mercy a week as well. Thank you SLSO!

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