The Eagles to release limited edition copies of their albums

The Eagles continue to be one of the highest paying bands of all time and they have a series of limited edition reissues for fans and collectors.

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Legendary classic rock band EaglesAlbums from the 70s will receive a new impeccable reissue treatment from Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab.

Rhino to reissue the band’s six albums released in the 1970s

The reissue begins with the first two discs, namely; 1972 Eagles and 1973 Desperado The eponymous reissue was released on August 15, featuring
Desperado due September 15th.

Why is this such a big deal?

The two reissues are limited to 7,500 copies, which makes it a must for collectors. Each album is – and will be – packaged in luxury boxes with stamped covers and original artwork

What makes the sound quality of this reissue so appealing?

The One-Step UltraDisc format used for re-editing skips the standard three-step lacquer process and uses only one, resulting in superior sound quality.

And let’s be honest, our focus is on the sound quality, especially when it comes to The Eagles.

We can’t wait to hear what it will look like when we grab our copy and spin it to the max!

Take our poll below and tell us which album you’d like to see re-released with the icons?

Quality is everything when it comes to music, so here’s a look at their popular hit “Hotel California” in 4K.

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