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  • All the grandeur of a world-class orchestra, to be enjoyed from the comfort of your own home.

At this point in what at the very least feels Like an unending pandemic, most people’s opinions on live-streaming music have hardened.

The banter with digital events has proven to be a welcome and much-needed kind of nicotine patch for those whose relationship with live music could rightly be called an addiction. For others, it’s a poor substitute for the real thing, a less than immersive facsimile of a once favored pastime.

However, two factors can lead music lovers to move from one position to another: the caliber of the musicians and the quality of the presentation. And that’s why the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra’s new foray into digital concerts is good news for those on both sides.

In a press release this afternoon, the SLSO announced that it would be putting sold-out concerts online for the first time in its 141-year history.

The series will consist of six concerts filmed using the SLSO’s high definition camera system. The first, out today and available for free, features performances by Strauss Metamorphosisby Yoshimatsu And the birds are always…and Dvorak Serenade of the wind. The following concerts will be available every two weeks and will only cost $15 each.

The concert series is just the latest offering in SLSO’s pandemic era. Last month, the symphony orchestra launched its Soundlab learning initiative, which aims to teach school-aged children the science of music through a series of educational videos featuring SLSO artists. The new digital concerts simply serve to expand the SLSO’s portfolio of online offerings.

“These digital concerts help the SLSO enrich lives through the power of music by making performances accessible wherever our audiences are,” CEO Marie-Hélène Bernard said in a statement. “[Music Director Stéphane Denève] and our exceptional family of musicians and staff – with the strong support of our Board of Directors – championed new opportunities to stay connected with our community. We are energized by this first step in our growing library of media offerings and look forward to sharing future plans for our expanding digital portfolio in the months ahead.

Each concert will be available for viewing on and will remain online for 30 days. The programs of the first six concerts are also available on this link. Each concert was filmed in front of a live audience (at reduced capacity) between October 22 and November 20.

According to the press release, the symphony plans to make more digital concerts available in the future — hopefully enough to delight music fans until we can finally enjoy the real thing again.

“We are so happy to share these concerts beyond the walls of Powell Hall. Nothing brings us more joy than connecting with people through music,” says Denève. “We hope you enjoy watching these performances as much as we enjoyed creating them for you. We look forward to welcoming the public back to live concerts as soon as it is safe to do so. »

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