Twist Museum immersive experience to open in London

Twist Museum, a new immersive experience which houses mind-blowing interactive illusions, opens on Oxford Street in London on November 16.

Developed in collaboration with artists, psychologists, philosophers, mathematicians and neuroscientists, Twist Museum is located in a new space specially designed for this purpose.

By a description: “Twist is a trip down the rabbit hole into the world of illusions. Not just experiencing the strange and the unknown, but understanding it. How do illusions work?

“When all your senses are deceived, what happens to the brain? And how do these stimuli shape your sense of reality? Twist was founded to examine the science behind such questions through fun and interactive exhibits for the whole family.

The museum features more than 60 exhibits and illusion rooms by collaborators such as mathematician and artist Kokichi Sugihara3d artist Patrick Hughes and Akiyoshi Kitaokavisual perception specialist.

Highlights include a audio experience by Antoine Bertina rotating sculpture of John Edmarkan immersive room upside down by Karan Singand a moving meditative sculpture of Tom Lawton.

Twist also features works by Aristotle Roufaniscreative artist, engineer and technologist, Carnovskyan artistic practice creating kaleidoscopic murals of light, and Odeitha street artist who creates murals that appear to float.

Stunning interactive illusions

The museum consulted Fiona MacPhersonprofessor of philosophy at the University of Glasgow, on all of his exhibitions.

The ‘Ames Room’, based on the work of Adelbert Ames Jr., replicates the shrinking effect, while the ‘Life Without Color Room’ is a world without hues.

The “Sound Lab” allows visitors to unleash the extrasensory powers of their ears, and the “Kaleidoscope Room” reflects, refracts and reacts to their presence.

Elsewhere, the Museum of Illusions is heading to Las Vegaswith its largest venue to date set to open in early spring 2023.

Pictures: twist museum

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