Tyler City Council Approves Agreement to Update Travel Request Template | Local News

Tyler City Council has approved an agreement with Alliance Transportation Group to update the travel demand model, which examines traffic in Tyler and its impact on growth.

Michael Howell, head of the Tyler area metropolitan planning organization, said that when it comes to transportation planning, DFO, in conjunction with the Texas Department of Transportation, does that for the greater Tyler. Alliance Transportation Group would step in and help DFO develop inputs for the plan.

The travel demand model is reviewed every five years and at that time the demographic data is updated. Information from the 2020 census will help shape the model, Howell said.

“Now that we have the 2020 census information, we’re using it to try to help model, to try to see where the growths are going. We use it to try to predict where new traffic is going to be generated based on that,” he said.

The deal with Alliance Transportation Group cost a total of $75,000. This is fully funded by DFO.

The council also approved the 2022-23 Housing Choice Voucher and Annual Family Self-Sufficiency Plan developed by Tyler Neighborhood Services.

Prentice Butler, housing manager at Tyler Neighborhood Services, said the Housing and Urban Development Choice Voucher Program in the United States is intended to help low-income families, seniors and people with disabilities to s provide decent, safe and healthy housing. This program is funded by the federal government.

Agencies that receive federal funds must conduct administrative plan reviews annually, Butler said. It is essentially a plan detailing how the agency will administer the program over the coming year.

Neighborhood service managers met to review the plan and see what changes or improvements were needed. After reviewing the plan, it was presented to the advisory board and a 45-day public comment period was opened.

After city approval, the plan will be submitted to HUD by the end of July.

A presentation was also given to the Board by representatives of Innovation Pipeline on how things have been going over the past year. The City of Tyler has one more year on a contract in which it supports Innovation Pipeline with an annual contribution.

According to the Innovation Pipeline website, business “is a place and a network. It’s the intersection of innovative ideas and the tools to build on those ideas. It is a business launch pad and a learning center.

People have access to creative space, business development workshops, recording studio, sound lab and more at Innovation Pipeline.

Innovation Pipeline Executive Director James Harden said the city’s support has enabled Innovation Pipeline to impact the lives of others by providing and equipping entrepreneurs and innovators with the resources and networks that they need to realize their ideas.

Jason Wright, Chairman of the Board of Innovative Pipeline, said, “If you have a business you would like to start, have your big idea, or are just wondering where you can go to build, please consider the Tyler Innovation Pipeline. . We’d love to have you, we’d love to walk alongside you and help bring your dream and vision to life so people can create innovative and cool things right here in Tyler, TX.

Additionally, at the meeting, city employees were recognized for their years of service. Among those recognized are:

  • John Carnes, Policeman XI — 20 years of service
  • James Turner, policeman XI — 20 years of service
  • Juan Flores, Rain Equipment Operator II — 30 years of service
  • Todd Lane, Fire Engineer IV — 20 years of service
  • Jeffery Barnett, Senior Fire Captain – 25 years of service

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